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Quotidiano Nazionale Indipendente

ARTE CONTEMPORANEA 2024 – La galleria “Il Collezionista” del centro storico di Roma è lieta di presentare l’incontro-intervista esclusiva con foto di alcune opere dell’artista Jeong-Ah Zhang

di Francesca Saveria Chindamo dalla Redazione Cultura del Quotidiano l’Italiano ROMA – Incontriamo nella Capitale, nell’ambito delle attività prestigiose prodotte…

di Francesca Saveria Chindamo dalla Redazione Cultura del Quotidiano l’Italiano

ROMA – Incontriamo nella Capitale, nell’ambito delle attività prestigiose prodotte dalla Galleria “il Collezionista” l’artista Jeong-Ah Zhang con la quale intratteniamo un gradevolissimo dialogo al fine di scoprire e rivelare ai nostri lettori alcune informazioni al nostro pubblico di lettori, nonché una serie di opere da lei prodotte ed esposte.

The “Il Collezionista” art gallery in the historic center of Rome is pleased to present the exclusive interview with artworks photo about the artist Jeong-Ah Zhang

–      When did you discover your artistic vocation?

I guess I’m just naturally like that.. ever since childhood, that’s all.

–      Which artist and/or cultural current was particularly important for your education?

My life and art are based on my own philosophical thoughts and experiences. My life is itself who I experience and it is evidence of my life. I’m interested in the philosophy of reflections on all beings, and my works use symbols, metaphors and imagery in the metaphysical world to express phenomena such as the nature of life, or the principle of the universe. Also, I try to focus on the essence of life by establishing core values, and at the same time, I’m trying to sublimate it into my works. Philosophical considerations on A Visible world and An Invisible world.

–      What should an artist represent with his art?

(Taking into account the diversity of artists and art in all its various forms.. ) If you don’t mind, I’d like to change this question a bit differently, Once again basically and fundamentally, “What is Art?” And I’d answer it this way. “The true artist face the timeless truth.” Art is a question without single and absolute answer, but there is a truth that goes beyond knowledge, relationships, status and stature and roles. And that truth is more important than every fact and phenomenon.

–      What inspires you most about the world around you?

And in what moments does he best find   the atmosphere to express his creative ideas about her?

I’ve always respected my creative process. My reason for this belief is based on that my creative process needs alternating periods of focus, quietness and reflection at each and every stage. Meditation or Keep silence. An exploration of the deepest reaches of the human mind. It shows that I need to be open minded and examine things from more than one point of view before I judge the object. For me, it’s a journey of awakening and self-discovery paralleled by a voyage of intrepid introspection. And this is a soul resonance beyond the time frame. I try to listen to all the conceptions of all things, have an open mind, and remember what resonates, and this is how I work.

  • What techniques do you prefer to create his works?

I mainly work with painting, and also occasionally do photography and mixed media work. So it depends on the piece of work I’m working on. But regardless of the genre, I try to do my best at every moment. ■

6 buttons and Multi-dimensional structure. 2024. Acrylic on Canvas. 53 X 73 cm

And, In That Moment. 2021. Mixed Media on Canvas. 59 X 81 cm

Everywhere But Nowhere. 2023. Acrylic on Canvas. 53 X 73 cm


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